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TFS 36 – Why I Cycle, NYT Teaches us to Edit, and Huuge UFOs

  LOL. Recorded this yesterday. Shoulda made my shitty guitar jam background music quieter. The title is essential the topic sequence. Yeeha. I dunno if I’m gonna be able to make another today. So, this may be all I have to offer till tommorow.… Continue Reading “TFS 36 – Why I Cycle, NYT Teaches us to Edit, and Huuge UFOs”

Reaching for Content in the Spirit of Walt

  I was actually really set to record some music that I thought would be decent. But then I got muscle spasms/cramps in my arms because I am a girly man and will never be governer of California. So instead I did a shitty… Continue Reading “Reaching for Content in the Spirit of Walt”

The Best Thing about Writing

The best thing about writing is you can get better at it by doing other things. I spent a good portion of the day learning JS and practicing guitar. As I was making a salad just now the thought occurred to me that I… Continue Reading “The Best Thing about Writing”

Is it Easier? (Vlog)

  There’s a difference between production and creativity. The tactile inspiration of a rotary phone, the subtle suggestions of mechanical motion, are these the origins of creativity. Was creativity easier for Blixa Bargeld in the 80’s? Or is creativity easier for all of us… Continue Reading “Is it Easier? (Vlog)”

Is Now The Best Time To Be A Writer

The modern day certainly isn’t romantic. You need time for romance. And the modern day is all about instant access.  So, it’s no surprise that sepia hued conceptions of lone desks in sparse rooms reeking of whiskey jar with reality. And this jarring leads… Continue Reading “Is Now The Best Time To Be A Writer”

One More and One Less

  In any case the TL; DR version of this is every time you sit down to write or learn; you’re not only doing it one more time but also one less. Cause the Grim Reaper is standing right there, playing Yo-Yo, and sometimes… Continue Reading “One More and One Less”

Dudebro Six Figs – The New Approach to Writing

The pines creaked and swayed. Cold settled like a chill blanket as the sun slowly sank. If I followed the advice I’ve found in some writers guides I’d have never arranged words in that particular order. Those sentences wouldn’t exist. Description is gauche you… Continue Reading “Dudebro Six Figs – The New Approach to Writing”

Handwriting vs Typing – What ya Notice

Just some odds and ends on the creative process. You notice a lot when you take the time to write things out. Also, it’s the 2nd quarter of 2019 – O dear… *(Nonetheless has an E.) ~ So there actually was a mistake but…this… Continue Reading “Handwriting vs Typing – What ya Notice”

Post Tea Clarity

  Had a bit of a nap followed by some tea and realized that March is upon us. So, I was mulling my stories, the ones that are just sort of hanging there, swaying in the breeze like heralds of some half finished country.… Continue Reading “Post Tea Clarity”

Saturday Morning Musings – Is ‘Pitch Culture’ gonna improve Novels?

Saturdays often find me gathering strength for the coming week.  They are often as productive as any other day but their charm lies in that they don’t have to be. So I sit here giving my eyes a rest, nearly blind without my contacts,… Continue Reading “Saturday Morning Musings – Is ‘Pitch Culture’ gonna improve Novels?”