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TFS 27 – Stoics, Cynics, and Heroics

A cheeky romp through pungent fields of self important bullshit. Diagnosis: It’s a bargain bin replacement for religion. Le Articles De Discotheque https://eidolon.pub/why-is-stoicism-having-a-cultural-moment-5f0e9963d560  

TFS 14 – Yuppie Car Habits, Bugout Bags, and More

In this installment I ramble about status symbols, people’s goofy expectations of being badass loners survivng the end times on tins and grit, and the origin for the namesake of “The Fractal Journal.”

Escapism is lack of Trust

(Note – ‘Criticism’ of persons involved isn’t done maliciously. I’m simply framing my point with teasing observations consisting of my initial impressions. People are complicated and I don’t want to contribute to empty snark culture.) Today was a research heavy day. As part of… Continue Reading “Escapism is lack of Trust”