Hello all!

Welcome to The Fractal Journal an eclectic grab bag of all types of content.

The Journal is dedicated to all the uncannily interconnected details of the Universe.

Details explored in formats ranging from webcomics to full fledged novels in progress and everything in between.

Major Projects

Forever Fluid – The Strange Case of Renewable Limits | Water is a thing many of us don’t think about. But what happens when its quality is degraded or when there isn’t enough? The answer to those questions and the extent of those problems may shock you.

The Sketch of Sam Monroe | The Sketch of Sam Monroe is a weird fiction thriller that I post as I write every Tuesday and Thursday. It follows the adventure of five young men tasked with psychedelic research as part of a shadowy military project called PLATO.

Fractal Radio| The official vlog of The Fractal Journal which may soon feature a podcast option.

Alex V Weir| The YouTube channel where I’ll post my musical offerings and some more off the wall ideas and opinions.

Values and Focus

The webmaster values independence and integrity. This is why topics like Linux, Free Software, The Constitution, Philosophy, and Entrepreneurship will be recurring themes.


Anyone who is like-minded and thinks it would be a good idea to collaborate can contact me. I will not be able to pay you for your contributions until I find a way to monetize this site without compromising my values. Nor can I offer you ‘exposure’ this will solely be a for fun and experience enterprise until a business model emerges.


Email – alex.v.weir@protonmail.com

Social Media – http://www.minds.com/Weirmellow

Discord – TheLastMister#1031




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